Magnetic Sheeting Care and Use

Here are a few tips on how to use magnetic sheeting, specifically for vehicle applications

Do vehicles need special preparation before applying magnetic signs?

Make sure that the pain is perfectly clean, dry and waked where the signs are to be placed.  Also make sure that the back of the sign is clean and clear of debris.

What is the best way to apply a magnetic sign?

Let one edge of the sign contact the vehicle in the desired position.  Let the magnetic power do the works as it puts the sign into place from the edge where you started to the edge of the opposite side.  if the sign is not exactly where you would like it. Peel it off and repeat the steps above.  Make sure that the entire sign is smooth and free of air pockets.  During the winter the temperature of the sign should be approx. 50 degrees during instillation, the vehicle temperature does not matter. 

What surfaces present problems?

Care should be taken with wood grain paneling and metallic finishes.  Such surfaces should be checked weekly.  A generous application of wax should be applied to both the sign and the vehicle.  DO NOT place signs on freshly painted surfaces. 

What sign maintenance is recommended?

Remove the sign weekly, cleaning and wiping dry both the sign and the vehicle.  keep the sign free of dirt and debris.  remove and clean after rain and snow.

What special precautions must be taken when storing magnetic signs?

Avoid wrinkling by storing in a 3 inch diameter roll with the printed side out.  or store flat avoiding stress on the signs and curling.

Additional Tips:

DO NOT wash the vehicle with the signs in place.

Check and clean both surfaces weekly.

Corner rounding prevents "dog eared" corners

Please remember that the manufacturer WILL NOT accept and responsibility for damage to a vehicle.  Please follow these steps and let you customers know the proper way to care for them. 

Hope this helps alittle.........

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