Heat Press Material Problems

From time to time we get calls that heat press material isn’t sticking to the garment.  There can be several factors at play.  We will discuss a few and hopefully they will answer some basic questions.


  • More pressure.  The material is called HEAT PRESS for a reason.  Most of the time more pressure in the press will resolve the problem.  Most of the lines call for medium-firm pressure.  I like to error more on the firm side.  Occasionally a additional pressing of the garment is required, or a minor adjustment of heat.


  • Heat. When dealing with the heat aspect, you should get a digital thermometer and verify that the platen is at the desired temperature.  Occasionally the heat presses are off a few degrees and that may affect your final product.  Also be sure to check if you have an imported press, mostly they are in Celsius not Fahrenheit. 


  • Different materials.  Thermoflex Plus will work on cotton, polyester, knits, and blends.  When dealing with moisture wick materials there are a few additional steps needed.  Most of the moisture wick shirts have a coating on them that deters the garment material from sticking.  Pre-washing the garment helps, wiping the garment with alcohol and then pressing out the moisture is probably the best step to prepare it for the transfer.


As always we are here to help.  Feel free to call us,  you will speak to a person, not an automated phone system. 

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