Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec CE6000-40 - 15" Desktop Cutter


• Graphtec CE6000 Desktop Cutter Plotter w/ servo motors

• ROBO Master Software

• Cutting Master Software Plug-in

• Graphtec's ARMS (advanced Registration Mark Sensor) System

• Power Cable

• Two year warranty on Cutter


Graphtec CE6000 Series Vinyl Cutter

The new Graphtec CE6000 offers outstanding and professional performance at a reasonable cost and moves the cutting capabilities of the CE series nearer to those of Graphtec GB's flagship FC8000 series but without the need for a huge additional investment. 

The CE6000 series delivers a maximum cutting force of 300 grams and an improved maximum speed of 24 inches per second (in all directions). The built-in front control panel provides complete parameter control including eight preset cutting conditions, as well as advanced features like tangential control mode, down force offset, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and more. With a 25 pin RS-232C or the High Speed USB 2.0 control interface, the CE6000 is compatible with legacy computer systems as well as the latest PCs available now and for several years to come. With a newer, larger LCD screen, managing your cutting jobs is simpler than ever!


Size -15”


Model - CE6000-40


Command Set - CP-GL, HP-GL


Max Cutting Length - 164 feet (50m)


Max Cutting Width - 14.76” (1213mm)


Max Cutting Speed - 24"/sec (600mm/s) in all directions


Max Media Thickness  -10 mil (0.25mm)


Max Cutting Force - 300 gf


Motor Type - Servo


Compatible Media Types - Self-adhesive vinyl film, light reflective film (except high-luminosity), Amberlith, Rubylith, etching resist, pain masking film, rhinestone pattern media, heat transfer vinyls: flex, flock, images transfer media, vinyl print media, cardstock up to 10pt (220g/m²)


Unit Weight 27 lbs (12.3kg)


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